V Lift Threading (Non-Surgical Facelift)

Nowadays everything moves fast. New technologies arrive that makes big differences in aesthetic, cosmetic and surgery market. Ultra V Lift is the answer for the individuals who want quick, effective and less traumatic results and don’t want treatment downtime or scarring or repeated treatment visits.

Ultra V Lift provides immediate results and long lasting effect with lots benefits for skin rejuvenation as well as improving skin structure. You will look better and younger with Ultra V Lift fine threads face lifting and skin rejuvenation. The shape of your face will be transformed in to a V-Shape silhouette, look smarter and sharper features. Your cheek, chin and neck will be tighter and slimmer. You will be very happy with the results of Ultra V Lift treatment.

Ultra V Lift causes less or even no down time and you can go back to work or put make up or sun screen on and doing your daily activities with no concern.

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