Melanostop Peel is a hydoalcoholic solution at pH < 1.0, combining azelaic acid, resorcin and phytic acid, an effective formula making use of the combined action of its three chemoexfoliants to inhibit the formation of abnormal melanic pigmentations and breck the cohesion of the corneum layer keratinocyes. Thus it renews the epidermis increasing its thickness and lightening the skin. Azelaic acid stops hyperactive meanocytes and lightens pigmented maulae. It also helps normalise the keratinisation process of follicular conduits.
Resorcin is a keratolytic which modifies the permeability of cell membranes denaturalising cellproteins. It combats hyperpigmentations and has a whitening effect. Phytic acid acts as powerful copper chelating agent an essential cofactor for activating tyrosinase. It has depigmenting and antioxidant effects.

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