Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty (Augmentation / Reduction)
Alarplasty (Narrowing / Reduction)
Tip Plasty

Nose Surgery involves reshaping the appearance of your nose by altering the underlying cartilage, bone and/or placing solid implants (Silicone/Gore-Tex/Medpore). The goal is to reshape the nose and tailor it to be in harmony with the rest of the face by either making a large nose smaller, a wide nose thinner, correcting a nasal hump, trimming a flared alae, correcting tip projection or a combination of any of the procedure.
At Dr. Amy Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Center, the procedure usually starts with a comprehensive and individualized approach to Nose surgery, noting the patient’s concern and safety as the top priority. Patients are then evaluated giving emphasis on their present medical conditions. Allergies, bleeding problems and medications taken are to be reviewed and when needed a cardio-pulmonary clearance will be required. Certified expert doctors will then provide you with the information you need for you to decide on the perfect procedure that would match your concern.

What to Expect if You have a Nose Surgery:

Anesthesia: Local or Sedation
Location of Operation: Hospital
Length of Surgery: 1-2 hours
Length of Stay: Outpatient (Home on the same day)
Discomfort: Mild to moderate pain under medication for 2-3 days
Medications/Smoking: (Aspirin, Vit. E, Gingko Biloba, etc.) Stop at least 10 days prior to surgery and resumed 2 weeks thereafter. Antibiotics may be prescribed.
Swelling and bruising: Will be mostly gone 10-14 days, cold compress will help
Dressing/Bandages: No bandages, may sometimes require a cast and tape
Removal of Stitches: 4th and/or 7th day
Complications: Low risk such as prolonged swelling, bleeding, infection and extrusion of the implant which may require its removal.
Return to Work: You may do so 5-7 days, appearance is you’re only limiting factor
Exercise: May be resumed on the 3rd week
Sun Protection: At least 3 months with SPF 15 or higher
Final Result: Seen 3-6 months
Average Cost: Available upon request

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