Dermapen treatment

What is Dermapen?

Dermapen is a fractional micro-needling device that is used to treat acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, pores size, and general skin rejuvenation.

What is a Dermapen treatment like?
During a treatment, your skin is clenased and then a strong topical numbing cream (Lidocaine and Tetracaine) is applied for 20-25 minutes. Your skin is then cleansed again and the Dermapen is applied to the treatment areas. The device uses an automated stamp method very much like microscopically aerating your skin. It allows deeper absorption of topicals that are applied to your skin and stimulates your body’s own repair mechanisms that creates more collagen.

Is there down-time?
On the day of treatment, the treated area will be red and very mildly sore. You will look like you have a sunburn. The day post-treatment, you will be able to apply make-up as usual and will appear slightly pink. Some people have mild peeling of sloughed dead skin 3-4 days after the treatment.

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